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Brokers & Agents

We’re committed to helping you, and your clients, succeed.

As an expert coordinating and managing all aspects of commercial relocations, Relovisor can offer the tools and services that will help you succeed.

How Relovisor Can Help Commercial Real Estate Brokers & Agents


If a company is apprehensive about relocating/expanding due to cost, Relovisor can compile a consultative budget to give them a realistic understanding of the costs involved in relocating.This allows the decision to relocate to be more simplistic and cost effective.


When a company has decided they are relocating without question or they are in a situation when there is no option but to relocate, Relovisor can provide Consultative services including but not limited to; budget, timeline, pertinent vendor roster, execution strategy and overall process blue-print. This provides the decision makers within the company peace of mind and allows them to take a “hands-off” approach to the overall process.

Re-model / Relocate

In certain situations, companies will be torn between the decision to either relocate or remodel (i.e. re-carpet, re-paint, purchase new fixtures, etc.). This decision usually comes down to budget and loss of production. With Relovisor consultative services, we can perform an operational analysis to determine what the costs/budget will be as well as production impact for both scenario’s and allow the company to decide which option is in their best interest.

Overall Service Offering

The general idea that Relovisor services allow our broker partners to present a more complete suite of services. This “one stop shop” mentality (even though we are technically a separate partner) allows brokers to infiltrate deals and opportunities that they may not be able to attain if they were simply providing lease/buying services. The commercial real estate industry is incredibly competitive, and any advantage one broker may have is vital to their success.